Software renderer from scratch

Software raytracer from scratch

Personal project, C++, OpenGL, raytracing, multithreading

Development of a software raytracer from scratch in C++, as an educational project. Project on GitHub:


COLIBRI VR - open-source Unity package

PhD project, Unity 3D, Virtual Reality

Development of an open-source toolkit in the Unity game engine. The objective: rendering real-world objects and environments in virtual reality. Project website:

For more information, see the project’s website:


Virtual reality for the Rakuten ecosystem - Rakuten Institute of Technology

Internship project, Unity 3D, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard

Development of virtual reality proof-of-concept experiences for the HTC Vive and Google Cardboard head-mounted displays.

Virtual reality shopping mall prototype

Personal project, Unity 3D, Google Cardboard

Development of a virtual reality shopping mall prototype for smartphone head-mounted displays.

Goal: The prototype aimed to show what a virtual reality shopping mall could look like.
Development: Development was done in the Unity game engine.
Design: Two environments were designed. The “Home” space welcomed the user into the application. The “Gaming” space was an example of a product category environment.
User input: User input was restricted to the gaze-only input of the Google Cardboard head-mounted display. This was used to click on buttons and teleport within the space.
Features: The implemented demo features only simulated their actual purpose (e.g. no real online access / product database). Features included product (search, information, customer reviews, rating), category (category space, special interactions) social (user account, displaying other users), and other features (recommended products, advertising).


Virtual reality autonomous vehicle simulation - RWTH Aachen University

Internship project, C++, Unity 3D, CAVE, HTC Vive

Development of an autonomous driving simulator. User study comparing reaction capabilities in different virtual reality devices.

2D game in the style of Pokémon

Personal project, Unity 2D

Development of a short Pokémon-style game in the setting of MINES ParisTech.


Image analysis course project

Course project, Python

Project for the course Image analysis: theory and practice. Morphological operations for object segmentation in grayscale images.

Junior Entreprise Communication & Marketing team leader

Student association, Photoshop, AfterEffects, iMovie, Facebook, LinkedIn

Team management and editing of communication media (image, video, website) for the Junior Enterprise of MINES ParisTech.

3D mapping and digital factory - virtual reality course project

Course project, Unity 3D, CAVE

Development of interactive features for a virtual reality tour of a 3D reconstruction of the main building of MINES ParisTech.

Forest fire simulation and game - Java course project

Course project, Java, Eclipse

Development of a forest fire simulation and game in Java.